Kenyan Drake on free agency: Working out main focus right now, we’ll get there

Kenyan Drake on free agency: Working out main focus right now, we’ll get there

Running back Kenyan Drake isn’t sure where he’ll be playing next season, but he knows he wants to be in the best possible shape whenever he shows up for work.

Drake is set for free agency after playing out the 2020 season for the Cardinals on a transition tag. He was a guest on NFL Network Tuesday and he said he feels like “anything is up in the air” when it comes to what will happen next month and that he wants to be somewhere “he can be a versatile playmaker out the backfield.”

Drake did more running than passing last season — 955 rushing yards and 137 through the air — and said he’ll be making sure he’s physically ready to keep up his end of that bargain while the free agency landscape takes shape.

“I know my team specifically, they’re doing their job diligently working in that degree to put me in the best position from that standpoint,” Drake said. “[Working out] is my main focus right now. Once we get to that bridge, we’ll cross it. It hasn’t really been too much dialogue right now. I know the league and the teams are trying to figure out the cap room, that type of situation. So like I said, once we cross that bridge, we’ll get there. But as of right now, I’m just kind of focusing on making sure I put my best foot forward in this offseason, get to that 1,000 yards.”

Chase Edmonds, who is under contract for next season, had 53 catches and ran for 4.6 yards per carry during the 2020 season, so the Cardinals may elect to find someone else to team with him if Drake’s price is higher than they’d like to pay for 2021.